Dandruff: General Causes and Natural Cures

The most common cause for dandruff is the intake of unhealthy food habits which are deficit in essential nutrients and enzyme required by our bodies. Generally people who are really fond of eating junk and oily food items have to suffer from this problem.


-You should start eating healthy food especially fresh fruits and green vegetables. Most recommended items are grams and cereals but try to avoid banana if your problem is much severe.

-One should avoid the intake coffee, chocolates, sugar, meat and even tea in increased quantities. They are really harmful for your hairs.

-Maintain your hygiene by giving a regular wash to the hair.  Use herbal shampoos that are free of chemicals. This would really help in treating your problem much more effectively and that too without any side effects.

-If you are a regular hair color and dye user then restrict yourself. It’s better to avoid it as much as you can.

-A very effective cure is proper combing of the hair which would be helpful in proper circulation of the blood inside the body. If you put oil then do not let it stay on the head for a longer period of time. Give an oil massage regularly.