3 Ways To Lighten Dark Skin On Knees

3 Ways To Lighten Dark Skin On Knees

Dark knees are common in people with extremely dry skin. Individuals who are dark complexioned also face the problem of dark ashy knees. Both men and women can be affected by the problem of dark knees irrespective of their age or race.

You have dark knees problem if the skin surrounding the knees is much lighter in color. Dark knees is not a medical condition however, it can be embarrassing when one wears short clothes. Dark knees are easy to treat at home with proper and regular care. The easiest and most effective way of getting rid of dark knees is by keeping the area moisturized.

Milk For Lighten Dark Skin

The main reason knees turn dark or ashy in color is due to dryness. Keeping the knees well moisturized helps them remain hydrated and protects them from discoloration. Wet the knees slightly before applying moisturizer. Wipe the knees dry with a towel and apply lotion or cream. Slightly wet skin will help lock the moisturizer well.


Exfoliate the knees with a natural scrub like mixture of oatmeal, cream and milk. You can also use commercially available scrubs containing apricot and almond shells. Exfoliate the knees every alternate day while taking bath.

Exfoliation helps get rid of dead skin cells regularly. Accumulation of dead skin cells on the uppermost layer can also cause dry ashy knees. Pamper your knees thrice a week with light massage using warm coconut oil or olive oil. The oils are excellent moisturizers providing dark knees with much needed nourishment.

Exfoliation For Lighten Dark Skin

One can also try microdermabrasion on knees. You can find a home microdermabrasion kit in any drug store and beauty supplies store. Microdermabrasion will gently exfoliate the knees getting them rid of flaky skin. The process will also clean your knees of dirt while massaging them gently. Do microdermabrasion on your knees regularly for a month. You will be amazed at the results. The color of your knees will not only be lighter but the skin will be smooth and soft like a baby’s.

Coconut Oil For Lighten Dark Skin

If you suffer from dark knees then do not take hot water baths or showers. Hot water has the tendency to deprive the skin of its natural oils. This makes the skin dry, dehydrated and discolored. Always use warm water for cleaning your skin.

Ways To Lighten Dark Skin On Knees