Dark Underarms: Occurence and Cure

Dark underarms are very commonly used problem which widely occurs in women’s. Many of the people love wearing sleeveless dresses and uppers open season but a large number of people are those which feels embarrassed due to the dark underarms ever the underarms are completely free from hair.

If a person has fairer skin this problem is always considered to be a major one, the reason behind is they are more visible in the fair skin rather than in whitish or dark skin. The various symptoms of dark underarms are sweating, strong perfumes and fragrances and the alcohol that are used in some deodorants, they lead to building up of dead cells in the body. You can also remove the underarms hair by using a slice of lemon to the Dark underarms area. For unwanted and odour smell apply a paste of sandalwood and rose water in the underarm.

You can also make a wash of coconut oil this will remove dryness from underarm. Instead of using anti– per spirant try using anti – fungal powders. You should also try to wear clothes that are made of cotton rather than wearing synthetic or silk clothes. Instead of shaving your underarm you need to have wax on a regular basis.