Deal with depression – natural cures

Depression is the thought arising due to the imbalance of brain chemicals and many other factors. It is actually a psychic disorder which is described by loss of concentration, insomnia, loss of appetite, sadness, hopelessness, helplessness and even thought of death as the final way of peace and tranquility.St. John’s Wort: St. John’s wort is a long living plant which has yellow flowers whose remedial utilization was first confirmed in ancient Greece. St. John’s wort has been used for centuries to treat mental conditions, nerve pain and many other health conditions. Now-a-days it is used for anxiety, mild to moderate depression and sleep disorders.

Exercise: Depression is a very common factor in today’s life. Like medication and therapy, exercise is an effective way of treating depression. Recent studies have shown that exercise can fight depression as it increases self-esteem, boosts one’s energy level of the body, provides diversion from worries, develops one’s mood by having a fit and healthy body, helps to get rid of irritation and tension and in getting a better sleep which is often a problem when one is disturbed,

Exposure to sunshine: Sunshine is a good medicine for depression. Researches have shown that exposure to sunshine diminish depression. Studies indicate that people struggling with depression avoid sunlight, prefer darkened rooms with curtains drawn. On the contrary, a little bit of exposure to sunlight can help to uplift the mood of the individuals.

Yoga: Yoga is calming forms of exercise that can assist in lessening depression. Yoga poses can attack the root causes of depression. It strengthens the nervous system, motivates circulation, encourages concentration and boosts up the mind and body. The stretching exercises of yoga increase blood circulation thereby helping in breaking through the lethargy that often go along with depression.

Meditation: The word meditation has a Latin origin of two Latin words “meditari” meaning thought and “mederi” meaning healing.  Meditation is actually to be aware of our being. Meditation is very effectual in easing depression. Mindful meditation is a way of controlling one’s mind and produce positive feeling that helps in fighting depression. Loving kindness meditation not only brings out optimistic changes in the state of mind but also cures all uncertainties through the mannerism of loving acceptance.