Dealing with back pain

Women tend to suffer back pain often but why do main suffer more from this common affliction? Maybe, it is because of the fact that men either indulge in too much physical activity causing strain to their backs or spend their time working hours at the computer in one particular position straining it again. Too much of physical activity or even no activity at all can give you that back pain that hurts like hell leaving you incapacitated for days at a time.

Back pains are of different kinds. You back pain could be sprain or strain caused to your ligaments, tendons or muscles. Sometimes, a wrong posture can cause this discomfort too. It could be spinal stenosis where the space in the vertebrae becomes narrow due to aging disc degeneration. Here, the nerves get affected causing back pain.  You could also be having a disc problem where the discs between the vertebrae cause severe back pain. Or, it could be osteoarthritis, which occurs most of the time for people in their 40’s mainly due to wearing out of the disc causing growth of bone, which causes back pain every now and then.

Be it a muscle spasm, muscle strain or a herniated disc, you do need treatment to give you relief from that excruciating back pain. Usually, physical therapy helps where the doctor prescribes you certain flexibility exercises to strengthen your muscles. A massage also helps to increase blood circulation and reduces the back pain as the muscle spasms get relaxed. The chiropractor manually moves a joint to stretch the muscles and relieve you from pain. Usually, this is the most preferred and effective treatment for back pain especially if the chiropractor is a qualified doctor.  Some people who have tried acupuncture also swear by its beneficial effects as it stimulates the brain to produce endorphins, chemicals that reduce pain. As another alternative therapy Yoga and Tai Chi also help to relax the aching back pain.

Over the counter medication is only a short-term treatment bringing the pain back again when you strain a wee bit. Exercise and movement makes the muscles stronger and are better and effective treatment tools. So, when your back aches the next time consult a qualified doctor, move your muscles and feel better.