Dealing with Heartburn and Acidity When You are Pregnant

Acidity or heart burn is caused mainly due to bad eating habits and untimely meals. Our stomach produces an acid which is required for digestion; which gets produced by our body during normal meal hours. We all have a body clock which determines these meal timings or sleep timings. When we push our body to go against the natural body clock, we confuse our body and everything inside goes for a toss. The result is acidity.

Apart from the above reasons, eating heavy fried or fatty foods also causes acidity.

When pregnant, a woman’s body is constantly under going change, hormonal levels are constantly changing which can affect the digestive system. Fetal development can also put pressure on the stomach and affect digestion. Everybody knows that taking care of diet is very important during pregnancy. Nutrition is very important in the complete development of a baby.

If you suffer from acidity during pregnancy, stay away from heavy fried foods completely. If you crave these foods, start your regular meal with fruits or something light and when half full, eat what you crave. This way you automatically restrict your intake.

Try eating smaller meals rather than 3 large complete meals. Large meals can be heavy to digest, so instead, eat 6 to 7 smaller meals.

A meal is complete when you combine the required healthy elements like protein & complex carbohydrates, along with other nutrients like iron and other minerals in the right proportion. It is not important to all of these in one meal; add foods rich in these nutrients to different meals that you eat to get the complete benefits.

Unless advised bed rest, take small frequent walks during the day and 20 minutes after dinner. This helps aid to digestion. Make sure to eat dinner at least 2 hrs before bedtime. When pregnant, the excess weight on your stomach can put increased pressure on the heart and that is why it is important to allow complete digestion before sleeping.

Drink some cold milk before sleeping, this has proven effective to cure acidity.

Avoid, drinking too many caffeinated drinks or canned juices which could be high in preservatives and citric acid.

If the acidity still does not improve, check with your doctor before taking any kind of pills.