Dehydrated, Dry Skin and Fine Lines Treatment

Throughout the year we are subjected to different temperatures; this takes a toll on our skin. The skin faces extreme heat in summer and cold in winter. In addition to this it is also faces change in beauty regimes and products.

All these changes lead to the skin reacting in the form of dehydration and in extreme cases it may even show signs of aging.

If you are facing such challenges with your skin you need not fear for there are several simple ways for you to fight these skin issues.

Treatment for dehydrated skin

You need to first understand the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin. Dehydrated skin lacks moisture while dry skin lacks oil to moisturize the surface of the skin. If your skin feels stretched and pulled then you know that it is dehydrated. Using a thick layer of moisturizing cream on dehydrated skin is hazardous to your skin as it will clog the pores; this will lead to acne breakouts. The only way to fight this issue is to use vitamin E oil immediately after a shower. Using a humidifier in the house is also a good way to maintain the natural hydration levels of the skin.

Treating dry skin

Dry skin must be handled with care. Use a gentle cleanser on your face; if your skin feels very dry then dip a cotton ball in milk and use it to clean your face. The milk will clean your face and moisturize it at the same time. Use natural oils like almond oil and coconut oil on your skin to increase the production of natural oils.

Treatment for wrinkles and fine lines

Fine lines on your face are not necessarily all age related. Fine lines are superficial and are easy to erase. Use a good sunscreen to prevent further damage. This will prevent the formation of wrinkles as well. You must also use a good moisturizer on your skin to reduce the appearance of these fine lines and wrinkles. Anti aging creams and serums are effective on your skin and they help to get rid of dead skin and fill in the fine lines on the surface.