Depression and anxiety- fight with natural cures

Anxiety is a usual response to fear while depression is the normal fear for any loss or grounds of misfortune. Depression and anxiety often occur together and most of the times linked to each other until in the last part of the nineteenth century, the anxiety disorders were classified separately. Sometimes it becomes difficult to distinguish from mild depression disorders from anxiety disorders.Natural cures:

St. John’s Wort: This is a plant with yellow flowers and has been used for health purposes like depression and anxiety. It is usually used as an effective natural treatment for mild to moderate depression, anxiety and many other health related issues like muscular cramps, mood swings due to menopause and so on. St. John’s wort relives anxiety and tension as well as act as an anti-depressant. In short, St. John’s wort can be described as natural depression anxiety herb remedy.

Amino acid and Omega 3: Both of these are highly recommended for the efficient combating of anxiety and depression. Insufficiency Omega 3 oils in the diet have been linked to depression as insufficient Omega 3 fatty acids lead to the disruption of the ability of the cells to control its internal environment.

Passion flower: Passion flower was traditionally used as a “calming” herb for anxiety, insomnia, seizures, hysteria and mild depression. It is a great medicine for sleeplessness along with anxiety that frequently accompanies depression feelings. The passion flower leaves have been clinically validated for antispasmodic, anti-anxiety and hypotensive actions.

Sleep: One should have sufficient sleep at night. At least daily 7 to 8 hours of sleep is vital for the health of any individual. Lack of sufficient rest and sleep can cause unnecessary anxiety and tension in a person’s mind which could lead to mild to severe depression in the long run.

Exercise: Exercise has been used as a medicine to depression and anxiety since centuries. Regular exercise in the fresh air is ideal for the benefit of mind and health of any individual. It not only helps in the boosting of energy levels and self confidence and also diminishes the creation of stress hormones and lowers the symptoms of mild depression and anxiety associated with stress.