Depression Natural Cures And Its Various Types


Depression is not a disease, but it is a mental disorder. Due to depression, our mind, thoughts and body works negatively and it gives us a kind of ill feeling all the time. Depression may be caused because of stress and mental strain or it could be due to any kind of high dosages of medicine. 

Commonly, we use this term in respect of mental stress or physical weakness that may go away on its own and you even do not realize that. However, if such symptoms are noticed daily, then it can be a clinical depression, which is a kind of mental disorder. Because of depression, you always tend to stay unhappy and your mood always remains off. This is very harmful for your mind and body.

Depression works against thoughtfulness of mind. It always gives you a negative thought in mind, and because of that, you start experiencing anxiety, hopelessness, and suffer from sleepless nights along with plenty of other troubles as well. Irritation is another part of depressive mentality.

People of any age may suffer from this serious illness. In your life, it may bring serious condition in any kind of situation. People suffering from depression often lose control on their emotion. For example, they are prone to breakdown in any situation whether it is a sad or a happy event. It means these people sometimes react to happiness and sometimes react to sadness in such a way that is not normal. Depression takes away the confidence so the sufferers do not have any self-assurance to perform an event or work successfully. Depressive mind can even turn dangerous, as there is a major risk that people with high depression level may adopt suicidal tendency.

Type Of Depression

Depression Can Be Of Various Types

There are many types of depression such as manic depression, major depression, and dysthymic disorder. The other types of depression include anxiety disorder, post mortem depression, chronic depression, endogenous depression, seasonal effective disorder, melancholic depression, and psychotic disorder. Here, three major types of depression are defined:


More popular name of this depression variety is Bipolar Disorder and it is a chronic illness. Depression holds up to those people who are suffering changes in their mood because of any stress. This type of illness is known as manic depression and it is a common one. When your mood frequently changes by any circumstances, it means you may have manic depression. Such symptoms of mood changes can sometime cause high depression and sometimes it can be low. During such a depressive state of mind, you may feel hopeless, helpless, sadness, hyperactive, and sometimes feel extreme happiness. People having bipolar disorder try to avoid their relatives and friends. Bipolar disorder can take place because of genetics reasons also.

Major Depressiveness

Major depression is a serious condition for any person. It is a chronic illness and the sufferers always remain worried about something or the other. They cannot sleep well as a feeling of fretfulness always run through their mind. This type of depression may take place regularly and last for several days and even weeks. Significantly major depression deal with different type of symptoms such as difficulty to sleep, mental disorder or mental tension, difficulty to take any decision and lacking of confidence and thinking. Due to this condition, a person starts losing interest in most of the activities and start feeling hopeless. Major depressive person in an extreme situation may try to commit suicide repeatedly and that is the symptom to diagnose in major depressive disorder.  If a person is suffering from major depression for a long time, it is important to take a clinical advice.

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Dysthymic Depression

Dysthymic disorder is less severe in comparison to the major depression. It is a mild kind of depression and takes place after a long interval of time. However, dysthymic depression can develop into major depression if proper care is not implemented. This type of depression can develop into a major problem and hence, it is important that you should take serious measures. The best way to get relief is trying natural cures and home remedies.

Natural Treatments For A Depressive Patient

Depression is not actually a disease, it is a mental disorder. If a depressive person follows the natural remedies he/she can get relief. There are many easy remedies such as:

Balanced Diet

During depression, a person could gain weight or lose weight. So, the patient should maintain a balanced diet. It is advisable to consume light food with good nutritional value, and avoid oily and spicy food. People suffering depression should avoid milk and meat products. Inclusion of green vegetables, fruits, brown rice, and fresh juice in daily diet helps. Vitamin B and C help in the treatment of depression.  So, eating foods with lots of Vitamin B and C contents like apple and orange is effective.


Regular exercise helps to reduce depression and it is very much effective for maintaining body fitness also. Exercise not only works for body fitness, but it also gives you mental and physical relaxation. If a person practice some form of yoga on a regular basis then it is beneficial for him/her to get out of depression. Meditation and yoga both are supportive for healthy mind and body fitness and provide relief from depression.

Rose Treatment

Rose water is beneficial for depression. Take some rose petals, boil with one cup of water, and put the solution in the freezer. Take this drink as an alternative of coffee or tea and you will get magical results.

The Root Of Asparagus

For the treatment of depression, the root of asparagus has been effective. It is good for nerves and brains and contains tremendous nutrition value. Dry root of asparagus can be taken in the powdered form everyday for effective results.

Using Cardamom

Cardamom seeds can be boiled in water and taken as tea. The aroma is very pleasing and it is effective for the treatment of depression. These are some of the easy depression natural cures.

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