Detox Diet Plan- Listen To Your Body

If you love your body, the only thing that you should do is listen to it. You must pay attention to what your body is signaling towards. Popular nutritionists across the world suggest that when you feel stressed out, it’s probably the time to go for a detox diet plan and begin with it.

Our body has many barriers like skin, intestines and lungs that somewhat help the body to protect itself from toxins. The alien compounds that enter the body, crossing these barriers, are transported to the body’s detoxification system. Our body has such a superior mechanism which helps to keep the harmful substances away from entering our immune system. It has the ability to flush out those toxins from the body. And here, detox diet plays an effective role. A proper detox diet plan helps to improve the toxin-flushing system of the body.

According to the experts a perfect detox diet plan must have 40% of solids and almost 60% of liquids in it. This implies it is more important to hydrate your body. Liquids, especially plain water, help our body to remove toxins from it. So, one must have loads of water i.e. 8 to 10 glasses per day along with fruit juices. But it is advisable to avoid grapefruit juice.

In case of solids, it is advisable to take more green vegetables than any other stuff. Leafy veggies like cabbages should be an integral part of the diet plan. Try to include seeds like flax, sunflower, sesame and pumpkin in your regular diet. Herbs like, chamomile, red beetroot and angelica roots are excellent for the detoxification of your liver. Fruits like pineapple and papaya work as cleansers of the digestive system.

Detox diet is very essential for every individual whenever he/she feels fatigued, lazy and stressed. Everyday we breathe contaminated air and consume foods that are not very healthy for the functioning of the body, so it is must to cleanse our system and make it free form harmful chemicals that enters in the body via various sources.

Detox diet should be avoided by pregnant ladies and lactating mothers. People who are diagnosed with problems related to thyroid glands, liver and kidneys must not opt for detox diet plan as in these cases the diet plan may prove counter productive.

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