Development of Secondary Sexual Characteristics in Women

Adolescence is one of the most important stage in a woman’s life. Woman experience a major changes coming on her way. She observes a lot of change in her body. This stage is also marked as the starting of secondary sexual characteristics including development of breast, growing of armpit hair, growing of pubic hair and occurrence of menstrual cycles. Different women have different feelings for this period.

In most of the cases, a woman feel very odd with these changes, especially getting her first menstruation very disturbing. Sometimes the start of the menstrual cycle is very painful and makes a woman lose tempered. However with her second period onwards the pain starts reducing and a full sexual maturity is attained after periods become regular and after this stage a woman become able to get conceived.

For every woman first menstruation is really very painful and strange. In most of the cases bleeding lasts for a longer period. However, if bleeding is too heavy and abnormal, one should consult a doctor. However, as far as the first menstrual is concern, the bleeding and its periods vary person to person and it is very difficult to decide whether the bleeding is normal or abnormal.

At the end of the childhood, the ovaries start producing hormones and it begins the development of estrogen and follicles. This marks the starting of a new stage of life i.e., a woman enters into adolescence from her childhood stage. Due to the development of estrogen, the breast start developing and growing, hair grow in pubic region and in arm pit. However, in some cases this stage is achieved early whereas in the other it is achieved in the later age.

Though for first few periods, the pain is normal, but if it is consistent you should consult a doctor. Generally, all women get their secondary sexual characteristics by or before the age of sixteen, but if you find that your breast are still undeveloped and you don’t get periods, and your age is 16 or more, you are advised to consult a doctor immediately. In case during this stage, when your secondary sexual characteristics are being developed, if you find an abnormal weight loss or weight gain, you are again advised to go to a doctor.