Diabetes control with coffee – Is it possible?

An extensive survey in July, 2005 at Jama showed that consumption of coffee can diminish the threat of developing type II diabetes. It also suggested that caffeine is the ingredient that is largely responsible for the retardation of the development of diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that affects millions of individuals throughout the world. Research was conducted on the mice which showed the evidence that the mice that were fed on coffee or water in the lab had developed sensitivity of insulin and also developed symptoms that prevented the development of high blood sugar. Some researchers of Dutch have shown that coffee contains quite a few ingredients that assist body’s metabolism to sugar.

As per their research study that was conducted on about 17,000 people in 2002, it was established that individuals who drank 7 cups of coffee daily have 50% fewer chances of developing type II diabetes than those who drank less coffee daily.  These studies showed that with the drinking of more coffee, there can be less impact on the onset of diabetes.  Coffee can also cause a number of beneficial changes in the fatty liver as well as in inflammatory adipocytokines that is connected to reduce the risk of diabetes. Supplementary lab studies again found that caffeine is one of the most effectual anti-diabetic compounds that are largely responsible for the control of diabetes.

Coffee is not the only factor that can control diabetes largely. There are other natural remedies too that can effectively control diabetes.

Amla: Amla has high content of vitamin C, which is extremely useful for combating diabetes. Individuals can make of home remedy by mixing one table spoon of amla juice with one cup of juice of a bitter gourd. This mixture has to be consumed for two months continuously and will help the pancreas to secrete the insulin appropriately. Hence, this remedy is useful in combating diabetes.

Fenugreek seeds: These seeds have been found to be extremely helpful in controlling diabetes. All that one needs to do is to soak around 100 seeds in 300 grams of water for the whole night. Then, these seeds have to be crushed in the morning and strained in a cloth and mixture has to be drunk regularly at least for two months. This is a very good remedy for diabetes.