Diabetic Skin Care: Seven Excellent Tips


Skin problems are common among diabetic people. When someone has diabetes, the urination level of his or her becomes very high.  As a great amount of fluid goes out of the body through urine, there is a chance of dehydration. The result is dry skin. Moreover, the sugar content in blood of a diabetic patient is very high and it becomes the breeding ground of different bacterial infection.

diabetic skin care

High sugar content of blood destroys the natural softness of skin, gears up different rashes, makes skin red and thick. Sometimes skin cracks and blood comes out in acute diabetes. So there must be a good care of skin when you have diabetes. This article will give you few tips on diabetic skin care.

Diabetic Skin Care Tips

Bathe In Coconut Oil Mixed Normal Water

Diabetic skin is generally dry. So do not use too much hot water for bathing purpose. It removes natural oil of the skin and makes it drier.

For this reason it is better to bathe in normal water. Add 10-11 drops of coconut oil in a bucket of plain water and use that water for bathing purpose.

coconut oil

Mustard Oil Or Coconut Oil Massage

Oil massage is very necessary for diabetic patients as they are dry in nature. Massage mustard oil all over your body. Though it has pungent smell, mustard oil enhances the immunity power of the skin.

Thus it is the most appropriate oil for problematic diabetic skin. Apart from mustard oil, thick coconut oil is also good for diabetic skin. It moisturizes as well as nourishes the skin.


Apply Sunscreen

Whenever you go out in the sun at day time, never forget to apply a good quality sunscreen with SPF 15. Scorching heat of the sun and the ultraviolet rays makes your skin drier. They aggravate the skin’s problem. Sunscreen lotion protects your skin from sunshine.


Massage Moisturizer On Whole Body

Avoid taking shower for a long time and you must massage moisturizer on whole body after bathing to keep it soft and supple.

The excessive sugar content of blood damages the natural softness of the skin. For this reason you need to massage moisturizer all over your skin again and again.


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Do Not Rub Your Skin

After bathing pat your skin dry with a soft towel gently. Do not rub your skin harshly because it will make your skin drier.

rub skin

Exfoliation Of Leg And Foot Skin

Take care of your feet because in diabetes feet, becomes the worse affected body part. Most of the time the heal cracks so deeply that blood comes out from inside.

So keep your skin clear. Exfoliation of foot skin once or twice in a week is necessary to remove dead skin as diabetic skin gets coarse automatically and coarse skin hampers the oxygen circulation of the skin.


Turmeric And Milk

Mix turmeric paste and milk and apply it in thick coat all over your body. Milk nourishes your skin, cleanses it and keeps the skin soft and turmeric saves your skin from different types of infections which are common in diabetic skin.

Follow these tips to take care of your diabetic skin. It will keep your skin soft, radiant and related problem free.

turmeric & milk