Diaper Rash- Cure It Without Using Chemicals

Babies have very sensitive skin. Their skin demands proper care and constant protection from harmful viruses, bacterias and fungal infections. Due to the hypersensitivity of the skin, babies often suffer from different types of rashes and fungal infections around their genitals and buttocks; this mainly happens because of the moisture that gets restored in their skin by the wet diapers.

If your baby is wearing a diaper for a long time then the skin starts sweating. As a result of the constant friction of the moist skin with the nylon surface of the diaper, rashes appear on the folds of the thighs causing immense amount of irritation along with burning sensation. Babies are unable to express their feelings in words and that’s why they keep crying whenever they are made to sit or wear anything in their lower body part. If these skin irritations are neglected, they may cause serious fungal infection on the baby’s skin. So, every mom out there must take some positive steps to rescue their toddlers from this foe, called the nappy rash.

A baby’s skin is super soft and delicate. It is very essential to keep it away from harmful chemicals which can react with the skin and increase the problem even more. Home remedies are the best options when it comes to treating the delicate skin of your baby. Therefore, it is always advisable to use some natural products to cure diaper rash. Here are some natural cures to it:

Flour: Flour works as a moisture absorbent for the skin. Apply some roasted dry flour on the rash affected areas. It is natural and 100% effective.

Olive Oil: Put a few drops of olive oil on a cotton ball and apply it to the rash affected areas. Don’t rub the area with it, just apply it gently.

Cod Liver Oil: Just like olive oil, cod liver oils are also helpful in treating nappy rashes. Apply it with the help of a cotton ball or soft cloth. It stops the further growth of bacteria in the skin or the folds of the thighs.

Corn Starch: Corn starch is an excellent anti fungal product. For this, sprinkle a small amount of corn starch on the affected areas of your baby’s skin. This soothes the skin and makes it feel free from burning sensation and unnecessary irritations.