Diet and Exercise Tips to Get Rid of Excess Stomach Flab

If you have looked at yourself in the mirror lately and been grossed out by those ‘love handles’, then this one’s for you! Excess flab around your tummy isn’t pretty. Unlike the diet for weight-loss and stomach exercises for abdominal muscles, the fats around your oblique muscles require extra effort with changes in diet and simple exercises.

The mistake people usually make is to follow low fat diets or low carb diets, which restrict certain macronutrients. The body needs a proper balance of all macronutrients & food groups to burn fat & build muscle effectively.

Your diet should focus on avoiding processed foods, artificial ingredients, trans-fats, high fructose corn syrup and junk food while focusing on whole-food organic diet with high nutrient density.

You need to lower your calorie consumption to about 1400/1800cals per day, depending on your age, activity level and gender. Consult a medical expert to determine your calorie and nutrient needs. Your diet should mainly consist of fruits & vegetables since they are rich in minerals, vitamins & photo chemicals.

The exercises that can trim off the flab are the ‘Side bend’, ‘Torso twist’ and ‘Side crunch’.

The Side bend is the simplest and most effective. Stand straight with your feet slightly apart (about shoulder width). Bend your knees slightly, and then slowly lower your entire upper body to the right. Get back to the starting position and then to lean the left. Remember to only lean side-to-side, and not front or back.

For the Torso twist, get back to the start position just like Side bend. Twist your upper body from one side to the other. Always twist your torso without using your hips, since the torso needs to be stretched. Your upper body should be straight.

The Side crunch needs you to lie down on the floor on a mat. Lie on your right side first; put your right arm over your waist, so that it’s resting on your left side. Now, touch your ear with your left hand. Your elbows should be pointing straight upwards. Now lift your shoulders off the floor, simultaneously lift your left leg bout twelve inches. Try to contract your oblique muscles while doing this. Hold this position for as long as you can. Gently lie back down, then turn onto your left side and repeat.

Soon, everyone will be admiring your flat stomach and abs worth flaunting!