Diet and Fitness Tips For Teens

The things that teens lack and yet need the most are a balanced diet and a fitness regime. Most teens have their lives characterized by lack of sleep, junk food, caffeine addictions and this is the exact cause of them suffering from lack of energy and fatigue.

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Most teens are unaware of the kind of diet and exercise routine that they need to follow and this is the cause of their dismay. If you are in your teens or you are a parent of a teen then you need to read this with caution and follow all the tips that you think will be beneficial.

Diet And Fitness Tips For Teens

Remember that you need to get adequate sleep at night. Plan your day around your bed time. As a parent you must insist that your teen keeps up to the bedtime schedule. Do not allow sleeping late in the morning either; that time is best suited for exercise and breakfast.


Breakfast is important and it is imperative that you start your day with the meal. There is no substitute for a healthy breakfast. A glass of milk with a few nuts and raisins, a bowl of cereal, eggs and toast, a glass of juice with a few sandwiches; you have your choice and whatever you choose make sure that you eat a healthy portion.


With regards to other meals make sure that they are low on sodium, oils and fats. This is a god way to ensure your health. Do not forget to include plenty of fresh fruits and veggies in your meals and keep sipping on water through out the day. It will keep your hydrated and also eliminate toxins in your body.


It is important to exercise. Walking for a few minutes in the morning or at night is a good option. You could also take up a sport that you are comfortable with. If you are not interested in sports then swimming or aerobics and cycling will give you solace. You could also try out the gym for a few weeks; you will get addicted eventually.