Diet For Cold: Five Golden Tips


Some people especially those who have low immunity, catch cold very frequently. Moreover, when you have cold there must be runny nose, headache, throat pain, flue, and many more things. When you have runny nose a great amount of fluid goes out of our body and may make us dehydrated and weak.


There is no such medicine over the counter that may cure cold instantly. But if you take some special foods at this time, you will get relief and will overcome the illness quickly. This article will give you few tips in this matter.

Top 5 Diet For Cold

Citrus Fruits To Enhance Immunity Power Of The Body

It has been told earlier that people with low immunity catches cold very easily. To increase the immunity power you have to supply lots of vitamin C. Citrus fruits are a great source of vitamin C. Lemon is one of the good source of vitamin C. drink lemon juice everyday. Take a glass of water. Mix lemon juice and honey in it. Mix well and drink it.

It helps to enhance the immunity power. Another citrus fruit like orange, tangerine, pineapple, different types of grapes also supply a great amount of vitamin C. Eat them at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Vitamin C

Different Types Of Soups

When we have cold and runny nose we lose fluids in a great amount from our body. For this reason your body needs a supply of fluid to avoid the dehydrated condition. Different types of soups and stew supply a great amount of fluid.

Drink chicken stew, vegetable soups, etc. but you have to drink these soups hot. Hot fluids not only hydrate your body, it also helps to clear clogged nasal cavities.


Garlic, Cooked And Raw

Garlic is one of the excellent products that cure cold. Garlic has a strong smell which works as decongestant. Garlic also destroys free radicals and works as antioxidant. Add garlic in good amount in all of your food.

Add garlic in different types of soups you drink at this time. Chewing raw garlic is good. It enhances the immunity power of the body and saves you from cold and cough.


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Different Uses Of Ginger

Ginger is another excellent product that saves you from cold. Make ginger juliennes. Sprinkle rock salt over it and keep some pieces of ginger in your mouth. It will save you from cold. It also cure cough which is another symptom of cold like runny nose. Ginger tea is also excellent in cold.

Boil some pieces of ginger, sugar candy and 2-3 black pepper seeds in water. Let it cool and strain the water. Preserve it. Drink it twice or thrice daily but do not forget to make it hot before drinking this concoction. You can also make ginger powder. The process is easy. Ingredients are – ginger, sugar candy, licorice and black pepper.


Spicy Food

Common cold is also accompanied with loss of appetite maximum time. Eat spicy food to get rid of appetite. Spicy and hot taste food helps to remove mucus from your nasal cavities and gradually cure your cold. Follow this diet and you will soon get benefit. But if the problem persists do not forget to consult a doctor.