Diet for PMS

Many women suffer from PMS. The symptoms may differ from woman to woman. While some get irritable, others like their space and independence while yet others crave food and indulge in binging. In the latter case the food that is craved the most is carbohydrates and sugars. But this affects your moods and your physical state adversely.

When you go through this stage you must avoid consuming artificial sugar. If your body is craving sugar, then you must eat fresh fruits or dehydrated fruits. These are natural sugars and they cannot cause too much harm to your system.

One must also avoid dairy as it makes you look and feel bloated during this time. It will cause a a lot of uneasiness and lead to nausea and stomach cramps.

You must load up on vegetables as well. These helps to give you fiber and add to your daily amount of recommended nutrients. Tomatoes are acidic and hence must be avoided. Green leafy vegetables like spinach, cucumber, cabbage and cauliflower are excellent options. One can load up on fish and chicken for your protein content as well.

Ideally you would start your day with breakfast. If you normally have milk and cereal then you must skip this and have a sandwich or a fruit along with a glass of fresh orange juice. The anti oxidants in the juice will boost your metabolism and help to elevate your mood. Avoid butter as consuming fats at this time is not advisable.

Following breakfast eat a snack after a few hours. Again eat light to avoid bloating.

Lunch must contain whole grain, lentils and bread. Pasta with low fat dressing or rice with sautéed vegetables should be nutritious to your palate.

Snack away at your own wish but stay clear of fats and carbohydrates. They will aggravate your condition.

Keep dinner simple. A light salad with low fat dressing, a bowl of soup with rusks and a juice will complete your meal and leave you stress free.

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