7 Tips To Lose Weight


7 Tips To Lose Weight

Everyone wants to be slim and slender because slim body is regarded as beautiful. Moreover, it is easy to move if you remain slim. Whereas obesity invites different types of diseases like spondelitis, body ache, arthritis, knee and joint pain, etc. For this reason it is safe to remain slim. But everyone’s structure is not slim. Some people easily become fatty how meager meal they may take.

Exercise is one of the best ways to lose weight but it is not all. You need to follow an ideal diet to lose weight. Moreover, the health condition of some people remains so that they cannot do heavy exercises. For them diet is the only way. You can lose a great amount of weight with proper diet. This article will help you in this matter.

Diet Plans To Lose Weight

Intake Of Low Amount Of Food

Low Fat Diet To Lose weight


The main theme of diet that helps to lose weight is not to overstuff your stomach. Eat again and again but every time in low amount. Low amount of food inside our body is burnt easily and it does not get much scope to accumulate as fat.

Warm Lemon Water

In the morning before taking your morning tea drink lemon water at empty stomach every day. It helps to reduce fat. It is very easy to make it. Take a glass of warm water. Squeeze one lemon. Add a teaspoon honey in it. Mix well and drink it.

Warm water helps to burn fat. Lemon being acidic also burn fat. Warm lemon water in the morning boost up your metabolism and helps you to remain slim.

Warm Lemon Water To Lose Weight


Morning Tea

Take your tea after at least half an hour of taking lemon tea. It is better to take raw tea that means the light liquor of the tea. Do not add sugar. But do not drink tea at empty stomach. Take two fat free and sweet free biscuits.

Lemon Tea To Lose weight


Heavy Breakfast

Breakfast plays an important role if you want to lose weight. A heavy and healthy breakfast gives you energy and keeps you active all through the year. Moreover, a proper breakfast boosts up your metabolic rate. In breakfast you may take two breads but do not apply butter if you want to lose weight.

With it you may take some boiled vegetable. Though too much intake of boiled potato is not good as it may make you fatty, but potato intake in lower amount may give you energy. Boiled egg is good at break fast but eliminates the yellow portion. Take the white portion (protein) only. Eat a glass of fresh fruit juice at the end of the breakfast.

Proper Breakfast To Lose Weight


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At lunch it is better to eliminate carbohydrate if you want to lose weight very fast. So, no rice and no bread. Better eat some mashed vegetables, vegetable soup, chicken stew, fruits, yogurt, etc. to meet your hunger. ½ cup rice contains 300 calories where as ½ cup spinach contain only 15 calorie.

So, it is better to stuff your stomach with spinach. Eat lots of cucumber which have not fat. Supply lots of fluid and minerals. Apart from that watermelon, orange, pineapple, apple, lime, etc. fruits are excellent to reduce fat.

Mashed Vegetables Lunch To Lose Weight


Afternoon Tea

In the afternoon drink only tea and biscuits.

Afternoon Tea To Lose weight



Repeat the menu of your lunch in your dinner. But complete your dinner before eight o’clock. At bed time drink a glass of skimmed milk. Follow these diet plans sincerely and it will help you to reduce weight within few days.

Dinner To Lose weight