8 Diet Tips For Hair Loss


8 Diet Tips For Hair Loss

Hair loss is the major problem faced by many people nowadays. In some cases hair loss is caused due to the hereditary factors. The major cause for the hair loss is the deficiency in the nutrition that we intake daily.

Thus proteins, fats, carbohydrates should be taken in a balanced amount. Maintain a balanced diet in your food. Thus, if you have a proper diet then you can reduce the hair thinning and hair loss problems.Here I have discussed some diet to enhance your hair growth and reduce the thinning of hair.

8 Best Diet Tips For Hair Loss

Nuts and Olive Oil

Nuts and olive oils are rich in mono saturated fat and hence considered important in hair growth. It also helps to restore the strength of the hait.

Nuts and Olive Oil To Reduce Hair Loss

Food Rich In Protein

Always consume food that is rich in proteins. Food rich in proteins always encourages hair growth. Eggs , dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt, etc. are rich in protein.

Other food items such as soy, meat, fish, and fowl are also rich in protein. Include a large quantity of protein rich food in your diet. Quality protein powders can fill this nutritional requirement for complete protein foods.

Food Rich To Reduce Hair Loss

Iodine Rich Food

Consume more iodine rich food in your diet, as iodine is very important for a healthy hair. Iodine reduces hair thinning problems considerably. Use sea salt while preparing your favorite dishes. Vegetables that are rich in iodine are cabbage, turnips, carrots and spinach. Soybeans, pine nuts, mustard and millets are good sources of iodine.seed oils such as flax seed oil,walnut and pumpkin are very rich in iodine.

Iodine Rich Food To Reduce Hair Loss

Avoid Alcohols

It is highly recommended that you avoid alcohol. Alcohol always lowers the vitamin levels in the body. Alcohol considerably reduces vitamin B and c and eventually leading to hair loss problems. Alcohol is also rich in calories and sugar. If you are not able to leave this practice then have a glass of alcohol every day.

Avoid Alcohols To Reduce Hair Loss

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Soy Protein

Soy protein is very good for hair growth. soy milk, fish, tofu, yogurt, eggs and cheese are very good sources of soy proteins.Try out these foods in your daily diet and you will find a good improvement in the hair growth.

Soy Protein To Reduce Hair Loss

Iron Rich Foods

Anemic patients are very much prone to hair loss problems. Consume a large amount of iron in daily diet. Food that are rich in iron are dried fruits, dark green leafy vegetables, liver, cherry juice, raisins, eggs, whole grain cereals and dates.

Iron Rich Foods To Reduce Hair Loss

Avoid Diet rich in Sodium and Fat

High sodium and high fat diets reduces the hair growth considerably. Thus reducing the content of sodium and fats in your diet encourages hair growth reasonably.

Avoid Fatty Food Reduce Hair Loss

Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine intake always reduces zinc and potassium in the body resulting in hair loss problems. Caffeine also reduces vitamins B and C considerably in our body. It is highly recommended that you reduce the intake of caffeine in your daily diet.Try out these simple diets to have a healthy hair and considerably reduce hair thinning problems.

Avoid Caffeine Reduce Hair Loss