5 Diet Tips For Treating Hormonal Imbalances


5 Diet Tips For Treating Hormonal Imbalances

Healthy functioning of your body is dependent on a large number of conditions. Your hormonal levels are also involved in maintaining your normal body functioning, and a small increase or decrease in their levels can cause havoc in your body-to put it lightly.

Learn more about how you can balance your hormonal levels naturally, by just making minute modifications to your diet.

Diet To Treat A Hormonal Imbalance

Add The Good Fats

Egg Yolk Reduce Hormonal Imbalances

More than 60% of women suffering from hormonal imbalances that are associated with lower levels of hormones are known to follow weight-loss diet fads that involve complete restriction of fat intake. The bitter, but important truth is-hormones are made up of cholesterol, and you need to have a certain amount of cholesterol in your diet for your body to be having normal hormonal levels.

Add the ‘good-fats’ to your diet, the ones that your great-great grandmothers had been having. Egg yolk, butter, coconut milk, cream etc. should be a part of your diet.

Say No To White Flour

The cons of white flour are well known. How do they affect the hormonal balance? Well, white flour tends to have a not-so-happy marriage with the adrenal glands, making you more susceptible to hormonal imbalances. Switch to brown bread and whole grain foods.

Avoid White Flour For Hormonal Imbalances

Avoid Sugar

If you have a sweet tooth, this may be really difficult for you. Adrenal glands are severely affected by large amounts of sugar, causing fluctuating hormonal levels. Add artificial sweeteners when you have a sudden craving, or satisfy your taste buds with natural sweeteners like molasses, maple syrup, palm sugar, jiggery, fruits etc.

Avoid Sugar Reduce Hormonal Imbalances

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Load Up On Those Minerals

Minerals are a really important part of your diet. Mineral content highly affect the body’s hormonal levels. Zinc deficiency is linked with testosterone problems whereas iodine deficiency causes thyroid problems.

If you follow a healthy lifestyle, there is no need to worry. But if you are too busy to even think about eating, and gulp down whatever you get your hands on, then consider taking mineral supplements before it’s too late.

Zinc Reduce Hormonal Imbalances

Substitute Caffeine

Just like sugar and white flour, caffeine also affects your adrenal glands adversely hampering their normal functioning. Swap your fizzy colas for fruit juices and herbal teas. Limit your intake of tea and coffee to 2 cups a day.

Stay away from soy: You may raise your eyebrow at this one. You may even think you do not use soy in your diet. But the truth is, today, soy is almost everywhere. You go to a restaurant; the food that is served to you is most likely to be cooked in soybean oil. The mayonnaise jar on your kitchen shelf, well it is rich in soybean oil.

Herbal Tea Hormonal Imbalances

So what’s the big deal-you may think. Well, too much soy in your body blocks the iodine uptake and causes iodine deficiency, which leads to thyroid problems (hypothyroidism, goiter, thyroid cancer).

Apart from these, following a healthy lifestyle with low nicotine and alcohol, and regular exercise, can show great benefits to your health. Eat healthy, stay healthy.

Diet Tips For Treating Hormonal Imbalances