Diet Tips To Reduce Blood Sugar Level

Diabetes is the increase in blood sugar level which is the main disease that the people are concerned about today. Living a sedentary life is the main reason behind it. Even if you are suffering from diabetes, you can have a healthy diet to prevent it from getting worse. Here is a diet plan that you can follow at your home to prevent the disease from getting worse:

Foods that Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

Below is a list of the type of nutrition elements that you should eat with some foods that comprise such nutrients:



During digestion, the sugar and starches in the food are broken down into glucose. Hence, you must focus on the healthiest carbohydrates that are easy to be broken down and will thus produce less fat.

Foods Containing the Element

Foods consisting of carbohydrates include low-fat dairy products, vegetables, legumes and whole grains.

Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber rich foods are mostly those parts of the plant which the body is unable to digest. But it minimizes the risk of heart attacks and reduces blood sugar levels.

Foods Containing the Element

Foods that include fiber are whole wheat, bran, vegetables, fruits, nuts and legumes.

Heart-healthy Fish

heart healthy fish

Instead of having meat which is full of fat, you may have a heart-healthy fish. But make sure that the fish is not fried because the oil included in frying again makes it the same fatty food.

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Foods Containing the Element

The heart healthy foods are salmon, mackerel and herring which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that promote heart health by lowering the blood fats. Less cholesterol and saturated fat are also important in a fish and are prominent in the cod, tuna and halibut fishes.

Foods to Avoid

To be perfectly progressing, you must pay attention to the ‘DO NOT’s’ as well. And hence here are some foods to avoid as well so that you may have a clear idea as to what you can do to make a perfect diet and hence prevent the disease as soon as possible.

Saturated Foods

Saturated Foods

In your diet plan, do not exceed more than 7% of consumption from saturated foods that are mainly beef, bacon, sausages and high-fat dairy products.

Trans Fats

These fats do the obvious job of increasing the blood sugar level and must be hence avoided as much as possible. These foods include baked goods and margarines.

Tips For the diet

Well, you may already start planning about the diet plan so here are some tips to help you out:


Take extreme care of carbohydrates intake since they are responsible for the breakdown of glucose in the blood. So, a little here and there can be responsible for the fluctuation in your blood level.


Plan your diet by separating the foods on the basis of their elements and the respective calories contained in them. The basic categories can include carbohydrates, fats and proteins.


This is a substitution method in which each fatty food that you consume can be replaced by a food with the same calories, but a healthier one. For instance, you can substitute one apple for 1/3rd cup of pasta.

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