Different Causes Of Breast Pain


Breast Pain Pain in the breast is a common problem that usually affects premenopausal women between the ages of 40 and 50. However, the breast pain is sometimes also detected among younger females. In medical science, the condition is known as mastalgia. 

Pain in the breasts may occur for several reasons; sometimes it may affect only one breast instead of two. If your work or sex life is disrupted because of breast pain, you must get the condition treated immediately. Learn about the different causes of breast pain from this page.

Different Causes For Breast Pain

Hormonal Changes

An overproduction or less production of hormones in a female body is the main cause of breast pain. The hormonal change is in itself the result of several body changes like pregnancy, menopause or menstruation. The monthly menstruation cycle, the first stages of pregnancy and the onset of menopause are listed as the main causes of hormone production in a woman’s body and also the main causes of pain in the breasts.

Other factors like consumption of oral contraceptive pills or undergoing a hormone replacement therapy lead to fluctuation of the hormone levels in a female’s blood. The side effect manifests itself as breast pain.

Hard Work and Stress

We all know that a woman’s body is fragile and delicate. It is not strong enough to conduct activities like heavy lifting everyday. Strain on the female body muscles, especially on the muscles of the upper arms, leads to breast pain.


Physical exercises or daily activities may lead to injury in the tissues of the breasts or neighboring body parts. This causes extreme pain in the breasts. Sometimes, biopsy conducted on the breasts if a woman is suffering from breast cancer also leads to tissue injury and hence breast pain.

Ill Fitting Undergarments

Medical practitioners often say that a woman should take great care in choosing her undergarments. Wearing the right size bra is important to prevent breast pain.

Ill Fitting Undergarments

If the bra or camisole is too tight, the pressure will cause pain in the breasts. On the other hand, loose bras will lead to unnecessary movement of the breast muscles and hence cause pain.

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Sudden Increase in Body Weight

It has been seen that breast pain affects overweight women more than their underweight counterparts. A sudden rise in weight will lead to heavier breasts, which may cause pain in some females. For example, after childbirth, a woman not only gains weight, her breasts also become heavy. This can be extremely painful.


This is a skin condition marked by rashes and blisters on the skin. If these rashes appear on the skin of the breasts or in its periphery, it leads to excruciating breast pain.

Tumors and Cysts

Many women suffer from the growth of cysts and tumors on their breasts. This condition is referred to as fibrocystic breast since the fibrous tissues of the breasts are affected most by the tumors. Cysts and tumors cause extreme pain in the breasts and disrupt normal working.

Imbalance of Fatty Acids

The tissues in the skin cells of the breasts are the most highly affected due to imbalance of fatty acids in the female body. It leads to redness of breast skin and pain in the breasts.