Do those warts bother you?

A wart is no less than an innocuous growth of the skin caused by a human papillomavirus infection (MPV). Warts can be ignored but if they look like an ugly mark on the skin then they need to be dealt with although most of them go away on their own. They come in different shapes and sizes like the common warts that are dome shaped and grow on the backs of knees, fingers and toes. Then, there are the flat or plane warts that grow in large numbers on different parts of the body. Plantar warts are usually found on the soles of the feet. There are warts growing under or around the nail called the periungual warts and finally, there are the filiform warts that grow on the face.

Since warts are tiny little things appearing and disappearing without a cause, treating a wart can be difficult. Treatment of warts can run into days, months and even years. Some warts may cause a lot of pain while other warts can be painless. Warts are usually spread by using someone else’s personal things like razors and towels. Usually, salicyclic acid products are used to treat warts. Salicyclic acid medication is used in the form of gels, drops, pads and plasters. Aerosols are also used to freeze warts. Sometimes, wearing duct tapes can also help. Do be careful though while using salicyclic acid products. Don’t use them near your private parts or on your face. These sensitive areas could get irritated.

More than any other treatment for warts, precautions is the best way to treat them. Always remember to not touch a wart of another person. Do not also use anybody’s personal things like towels or razors. They could infect you with a wart. Do not pick or shave a wart on your skin. Use public places with caution – wear sandals near pools to avoid being infected.

There are many controversies about warts being cancerous. Whether or not they cause it, we need to be careful and stick to basic precautions and necessary treatment. What do you say?