Do your feet smell?

Are your smelly feet an embarrassment for you? Have you tried everything from washing your feet umpteen number of times to powdering them with fragrant powder day in and day out? Don’t fret. There are home remedies to give your stinking feet some respite. But, before we discuss the home remedies available, shouldn’t you know why your feet smell? Yes. You guessed it right. It is all about sweat and bacteria. Bacteria feed on the sweat of your feet and the waste that they get rid of in the form of organic acids send out the bad odour.

Now, to the home remedies that help in getting rid of the strong odour in your feet.
Vinegar seems to be the most popular, convenient and effective remedy for smelly feet as their disinfecting and deodorizing agents help get rid of the bad smell.
Black tea therapy is another effective home remedy for bad odour in feet. The tannic acid in tea kills the bad smell caused by the bacteria. Boil tea bags in water for about 15 minutes and thereafter, use the strong tea mix with some cool water. Your feet can be soaked in this solution for about half an hour everyday for 10 days. See the amazing effect of this home remedy.

Other temporary home remedies for embarrassing bad odour in feet are the following:
·Use Borax powder in your shoes. It is known to kill bacteria.
·Spray your feet with foot powder or antiperspirants regularly.
·Using acne soap also helps to keep body toxins at bay.
·Always use scrubbers to wash your feet.

Smelly feet can transform you from a bubbly happy-go-lucky person into a closet nobody. You needn’t have to go through this unwanted ordeal. Just remember to take extra care by washing, scrubbing, keeping your feet dry and avoiding synthetic and nylon socks. When at home, try walking barefoot or wear open sandals. These home remedies are not an instant cure but gradually help you out of the smelly feet problems that have plagued you. Why not try them?