Does liposuction reduce fat

No woman ever dreams of being fat and chubby. There are innumerable women who keep comparing themselves with to modern day models and actors. They long desperately for that hourglass figure. The only thing is that they don’t want to work for this change. How do you achieve results in such a scenario? Get a liposuction done. But, what exactly is liposuction? Let’s find out.

Liposuction or tummy tuck is a surgical procedure wherein tiny incisions are made around the area of your body that requires fat to be removed. Tubes are inserted through these incisions and fat is vacuumed out. For those interested in this surgical and cosmetic procedure, a plastic surgeon needs to be approached. Do some research about the surgeon and his work because this is going to be an invasive surgery. A detailed consultation is an absolute must as both of you need to find out the problem area and the treatment involved.

Unlike any other cosmetic procedure, certain body conditions need to be met in order to have a successful liposuction. If you are suffering from poor health, then a liposuction is not advisable as it increases risks. If you suffer from heart problems, epilepsy, anemia and blood clotting/bleeding then you need to stay away from such a surgery. Most women with fat on their abdomen due to pregnancy usually qualify for a liposuction. Liposuction can also be done on different parts of the body like thighs, chin, hips, breast and underarms. Tummy tuck is a procedure used to remove fat from the abdomen.

If you qualify for a liposuction surgery then, you need to follow certain instructions given by your doctor about eating and drinking. This is done to prepare your body for the surgery. However, after the surgery be prepared for temporary side effects like swelling, bloating, pain, burning, numbness and even fluid discharge from the site of surgery. You will also be asked to wear a compression garment as part of the recovery process. This can be removed later. The effects of liposuction are fascinating but all that could disappear if you don’t maintain it by eating properly and exercising. So, go ahead for that tummy tuck or liposuction that you always wanted but don’t fritter away your time, energy and money (for the surgery) by being careless and putting on weight again.