Does White Tea have more to Offer than Green Tea?

Green tea has made news for the various benefits that it offers to the body and mind. Green tea over powered black tea a few years ago; however black tea was the favorite choice in many cultures for several reasons.

Now, a new competitor is making its way into the playground- white tea. Though the tea has been around for centuries research is now proving that this tea offers a huge amount of benefits to the body. Thus this is now becoming the popular choice.

White tea is not made from tea leaves but from the buds that stem out. So it is the freshest part of the tea. This tea is rich in anti oxidants like green tea however it has a greater concentration level and hence it offers more benefits. A recent research conducted on the tea revealed that the tea has the ability to cure several types of cancer due to the presence of polyphenols in it. It is very effective in preventing the formation of colon cancer.

White tea breaks down and eliminates fat from the body so one can drink a few cups of the tea if they are fighting obesity. Drinking the tea on an empty stomach has a lot of benefits to offer. Not only does it aid digestion and elimination of waste from the body it also breaks down the fats from the body.

White tea has anti inflammation properties and anti aging properties which makes it a popular choice for those who are experiencing signs of aging. The elastic and collagen component of the tea not only increase the elasticity of the skin but it also prevents the breakdown of these substances in the body.

Since the tea has so many benefits to offer it is extremely important that you start drinking a cup of this tea daily. It is also linked to the prevention of heart diseases and cardio vascular disorders.

The tea is gaining popularity in many cultures and thus it is gaining an edge over green tea. Health specialists, nutritionists and dietitians are focusing their patient’s attention towards drinking both green tea as well as white tea as they both have a number of benefits to offer the body.