Don’t lose sleep over falling hair

A balding head is not an attractive option for most men. Like your work, that mop of hair on your head gives you your identity. This does not mean that if you have little or no hair you are a failure! That’s atrocious. Numerous people manage hair loss considerably well. Of course, such men are in a minority. For the majority with falling hair, the following tips will be useful.

Covering your balding head with the little hair available drives everybody’s attention to your balding pate. Even growing it longer could give you the same result. Why don’t you try keeping it short instead? That way you appear neater and in control of your appearance. Avoid gels of all types as these only make your little hair appear even less. What you need is volume, which a short haircut or even a conditioner will do. In the same way, avoid an unkempt facial look. A goatee or a moustache would complement the hair on your head better.

Thickening shampoos are available in the market. They tend to boost the volume of the hair. Organic keratin fibers are also available and intertwine with your own hair making it appear thick. But, it is a costly cover-up. Another option would be drugs like Rogaine and Propecia that contain the chemical minoxidil that revitalizes shrunken hair follicles and grows back thicker looking hair. Of course, as with chemicals it has its side effects so, if you are considering using it do consult a doctor before doing so.

Hair transplant procedure is the most popular method today for those frustrated with pre-mature hair loss. It is a less painful method where tiny follicular units from hair-growing areas on your head are removed and grafted onto areas where there is little or no hair. Of course, this requires a longer recovery period, as several visits to the doctor are needed.

For those who have only just started to lose hair don’t worry too much as anxiety could cause hair loss too. Other causes of hair loss could be medication (like antidepressants or a medicine for gout), scalp infection, diabetes and chemotherapy. Remember men, balding men do not put off women. However, a man with little and trying hard to cover up the receding hairline is a great turn off! So, whatever is the state of your hair, just be your natural self!