Do’s And Dont’s During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most important parts of the woman’s life. A woman should know what to do and what not to do during this period. Regular visit to the doctor is most important thing that a woman should do. There should be regular checkup of blood pressure and weight.

During the pregnancy period tests including urine, cervical tests, blood, and probably ultrasound should be done. It is important to start prenatal vitamins timely as these are helpful in preventing birth defects. Mostly birth defect starts in early phase of pregnancy. The meat should be well-cooked as it can have bacteria called E. coli that can cause diseases or infection. Avoid eating shellfish as it can cause food poisoning, which can further cause miscarriage. Try to take a glass of milk daily.

Vegetables, colorful fruits, legumes, whole grains are also essential as they consist of various vitamins and minerals. A pregnant lady requires 30mg iron daily. Iron is a component of hemoglobin which carries oxygen to all the body cells. Eggs, dark poultry, salmon, dried fruits, green vegetables, red meat are the foodstuff rich in iron.

Regular exercise is beneficial during pregnancy, but a woman should first consult the doctor before starting any sort of exercises. Exercise can prevent constipation, swelling and back pain. It is also helpful in improving sleep and prepares a lady for labor. High force aerobics should be avoided during pregnancy. Horseback riding downhill skiing should be avoided. Proper sleep is necessary during pregnancy. Lying on a side with bent knees is the most relaxed position for a pregnant woman.

It also prevents swelling in legs. Alcohol can result in many abnormalities in developing fetus. Regular intake can even damage the nervous system of the fetus. High caffeine intake results in the greater threat of miscarriage. A woman should reduce the amount of coffee, colas, teas, and soft drinks, as many of it consists of caffeine. Avoid having less than 2 cup coffee in a day. Avoid using wood finishes, paints, spot removers, glues, or pesticides as these can have carcinogens or toxins that can affect nervous system.