Dry Cracked Lips – Best Healing Remedies

Those who have attractive lips always grab the attention of others.If your lips get cracked, they not only look bad but also makes you feel uncomfortable and painful. The hazard mostly occurs during the winters due to dry weather conditions with low moisture level.

Generally, moisture content of our lips reduces during this season and for that reason the problem is commonly seen in almost every person, irrespective of different age group. Sometimes, in extreme conditions, lips get badly cracked and blood comes out of those cracks. It is an extremely painful situation and creates a problem in regular activities like talking, smiling and eating.

Causes of Dry Cracked Lips

There are various reasons that may cause the lips to get cracked. As mentioned above, dry weather is definitely one of the common reasons for this problem. However, it is not the only reason. Certain food may cause an allergic reaction and it may further lead to dry cracked lips. Using poor quality of cosmetics like lipsticks made of harsh chemicals can make lips go dry. Usage of some medicines can cause dehydration of the body and it results in dry lips as well. Last but not the least, regular smoking also makes the lips go dry.

Cures of Dry Cracked Lips

Look at some essential remedies to cure dry lips:

Rubbing cucumber juice, aloe vera juice and neem leaves extract on the lips are very effective remedies. The mixture of cucumber, aloe vera and neem acts as a soothing antiseptic and provides some moisture to the dried lips. You can also rub some butter before sleeping and leave it overnight. Another effective remedy would be rubbing the mixture of olive oil and sugar on your lips to get relief. It also brings back the natural shine and color of your lips.

Eat different types of fruits and fresh vegetables that contain vitamin A as it helps the body to restore lost moisture, which is very important for the lips. During cold weather, try using some amount of coconut oil on the lips, as it will provide you relief. If you are a smoker, you should try to avoid smoking as it makes your lips dry, cracked and dull.