4 Natural Cure To Dry Cracked Lips

All of us have experienced dry cracked lips, a skin condition, at some point of time in our lives. This kind of lips is extremely common at the time of cold and dry weather conditions. There are a lot of reasons for dry, cracked lips. Fungal infection, bacterial infection, certain foodstuff, bad personal hygiene habits, cold and dry weather conditions,
Natural Cure To Dry Cracked Lips
less consumption of water, too much exposure to sun, deficiency of vitamin A, B and C, allergy to lip products etc are some of the conditions of dry cracked lips. However, dry cracked lips can be cured with the help of various natural remedies and here are some of them:


Honey is an antiseptic and has remarkable remedial and curative powers.Take some amount of honey and spread it all over the lips. Let the honey remain on the lips for sometime and allow it to dry. Now, take some amount of Vaseline and apply it on to the lips. The honey and the Vaseline should remain on the lips for about 15 minutes. Take some amount of cotton, dip it in warm water and remove the honey and the Vaseline together. This method has to be followed once in two to five days and is an effective natural remedy for dry, cracked lips.


Take some amount of milk cream and add some lime juice as well as rose water to it. Mix it well and apply it on the lips, massaging it slowly for about 10 minutes. Wash it off. This mixture keeps the lips soft, nurtured as well as moisturized.
Milk Cream

Coconut oil:

This oil has been touted by many as a useful and magnificent remedy for chapped lips. All that the sufferer needs to do is to take some amount of the oil and put it on the dry lips, numerous times in a day. This method helps to keep the lips soft and subtle.
Coconut oil


Dehydration or low intake of water is thought as one of the main reasons for dry, chapped lips. Drink plenty of water. This will keep the lips hydrated and will fight back dry, chapped lips in an effective way.