Dry Eye Treatment – Natural Options

As the name implies, dry eye is an uncomfortable state of the eyes where the eyes lack dampness, humidity as well as the lubrication that helps to keep it sheltered. Human eyes have a special layer called tear film that is responsible of producing tears in the eyes. In case of dry eyes, these tear films are disabled and hence do not work properly.

This causes the eyes to restrict the shedding of tears. In such condition, there is unusually high speed of fading of tears. Aging process of the individuals, some types of ailments, staring at the computer or television for a long period of time, diet regime, side effects of certain medications, lifestyle, medical conditions like menopause or arthritis, working under bad light conditions, environmental circumstances etc. are some of the reasons for dry eye conditions.

However, there are a number of ways by which the dry eyes can be treated naturally and here are some of them:

Warm compress: Warm compress is one of the best solutions to dry eyes. The individual needs to take a clean soft towel and soak it in warm water. Then the sufferer has to lie down and apply a lukewarm compress on the eyes. Again the same can be carried out with the help of tea bags and cotton balls. Take some amount of warm tea and put cotton balls inside the tea. When the cotton balls become saturated with the warm tea, these have to be placed on the eyelids of the eyes. The balls should be left on the eyelids for about 5 minutes and then removed. These types of warm compress are extremely useful as they help to add moisture to the eyes.

Environmental factors: Both the sun as well as the wind are responsible for dry eyes. Hence if one needs to move out on a sunny or windy day, it is best to put on goggles or sunglasses so as to combat the environmental factors efficiently.

Blinking eyes: It has always been found that when any person is engrossed in any work whether typing, driving or watching television, he stares and hardly blinks. This causes dry eyes as the water of the eyes evaporate rapidly. Hence the individual must essentially blink every now and then.