Dry Skin Treatment With Effective Diet

When the skin looks dull and lifeless due to the lack of moisture, it is called as dry skin. This type of skin conditions tend to develop wrinkles at an early age and lacks the glow and sheen of the normal, healthy skin.

Dry skins are prone to get cracked and scratched which could result in bruises on the skin even with the smallest amount of the frictions. These dry and cracked conditions results in the harboring of microbes resulting in the development of fungal conditions. Again, excess drying of the skin can also cause dry eczema.

On the whole, the dry, rough and wrinkled appearance of the skin gives the individual an aged look and appearance. Dry skin is mostly the result of over exposure of the skin to dry winds, sun exposure and genetic susceptibility. But dry skin can be effectively treated and cared with the help of diet.

Diet plays a vital and effective role in the building up of healthy skin and in controlling dry skin. A balanced diet can not only do wonders to the inner health of an individual but can also take proper care of the outward beauty of a person.

Grains, seeds, fruits and vegetables: Proper intake of raw fruits and vegetables not only helps in the controlling of the dry skin but also makes one’s skin glow. It is also vital for the diet to include foods like grains and seeds as these contain essential nutrients that deter the development of dry skin.

Eggs, onion, and garlic: Garlic is popular among all parts of the world for its ability to maintain the healthy skin conditions. Similarly onion and eggs are an essential part of the diet and plays a massive role in the maintenance of the health of the skin.

Yellow and orange vegetables: All the yellow and orange vegetables like carrot, cantaloupe, yellow potatoes, yellow tomatoes, butternut squash etc such vegetables that are known to be rich in antioxidants and beta carotene. These chemicals help to maintain the dry skin and hence should always be made an integral part of the diet regimen.