Dry Skin Treatments and Cures

Dry skin is an issue for many people not only in winter but for all months of the year. There are several factors that lead to dry skin. Dehydration, changes in the climate and poor skin care regimes are common reasons that lead to dry skin. There are several steps that you need to take in order to prevent the skin from getting dry.

In order to keep your skin healthy you need to maintain its hydration levels. Drink plenty of water in order to maintain the hydration levels of your skin. The water will hydrate your skin and add moisture to it. This is the best form of hydration for your skin. Other ways to hydrate your skin include drinking plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

Avoid drinking caffeine based drinks like coffee and energy drinks. Caffeine dehydrates the skin and leads to dry skin.

There are several natural treatments that you can use on your skin topically in order to increase the hydration levels. Milk can be used to hydrate your skin. Dip a cotton ball in milk and apply it to your skin. Use it on your face and neck. If the skin on your entire body is dry then you need to bathe in milk.

Add a cup of milk powder to your bath water and soak in the water for 15 to 20 minutes. The lactic acid in the milk will hydrate the skin and add moisturize it.

If you have dry skin then you must avoid using the air conditioner; it soaks the excess water from the air and can aggravate your skin condition. Instead you must use a humidifier in your room; it will increase the moisture in your room and this will help to hydrate your skin naturally.

Almond oil helps to moisturize the skin. Massage the oil on your skin immediately after a bath. When you bathe the pores on your skin open; massaging oil on your skin at this time will helps to hydrate the skin.

Exfoliate your skin regularly in order to get rid of the dead and dry skin cells. If you have dry skin then you need to use a heavy moisturizing cream on your face at night.

Remember; dry skin is more prone to wrinkles and aging and hence you need to have a good skin care regime that will prevent anti aging.