Dyslexia Treatment – Natural cures

Dyslexia is a condition where a person faces extreme trouble in learning and causes the reading disability to the individual. This problem is now becoming an extensive one. This learning disability tends to deter a person’s skill to spell, write, read and even speak.

There are various types of dyslexia.Primary dyslexia, secondary dyslexia, trauma dyslexia, visual dyslexia, auditory dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dysgraphia etc are some of the different types of Dyslexia. Disability in learning, reading, difficulty in recognizing direction, spelling and writing problems, difficulty in remembering number sequence or managing time are some of the common symptoms of the condition.

Dyslexia is not limited to the adults only and is also found among children. Reversal of letters and numbers are thought as one of the most common warning sign and this difficulty can continue up to 7 or 8 years of age of the child. Such children tend to become withdrawn, unmotivated, lazy, less self-esteemed and also depressed.  However there are a lot of natural remedies to Dyslexia.

Fish oil: This oil comes from the oily fishes. The fish oil is found in the tissues of the fishes. This oil is not only rich in Omega 3 fatty acids but also has high quantity of minerals and vitamins. All of these are crucial for the development and normal performance of cerebrum.

Thus fish oil aids in the increasing of the IO level of individual suffering from Dyslexia. This oil has to be consumed by the individual for a minimum period of two to three months consecutively. Studies have confirmed that fish oil is completely safe and hence can be used successfully for the treating of the disorder.

Specialized Teaching: Dyslexia is disorder that cannot be totally cured and can affect anybody regardless of age and sex. But the ruthlessness of the disorder can be restricted and lessened to a large extent with the help skilled teachers.

These experienced teachers are dedicated and devoted in their training ways and can thereby effectively help the suffering child write, read as well as speak. This method has been found to be helpful if the Dyslexia sufferer starts from an early age.