Ear Infection Treatment – Get Natural Cures

Our ear is separated into three parts: the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear. Every part of ear is used for hearing. Ear infection, which is an assault of fungus in the ear, is not transmittable. It can be caused in any part of ear and it might be the result of bacterial infection caused by water.

The susceptible part of the ear, from eardrum to outer ear, becomes irritated and ached due to the infection.

Some causes:

The main cause of this disorder is the skin infection of the ear canal, which mainly takes place if water is stuck inside the ear. It can also be caused due to nose, mouth or throat infection; injury to jaw bones; fungus enlargement in the ear; wax build up in the ear; etc. It may be the result of bacterial or viral infection caused by the coldness in winter. Due to swelling of the adenoids and swelling blockage or dysfunction of Eustachian tubes, the syndrome can be created.

There are many natural tips to stop the ear infection. These tips are-

The natural cures for ear infection treatment:

Lobelia is an essential remedy to treat the ear infection. Make a mixture of garlic oil or olive oil with lobelia and put 2 or 3 drops to the affected area with a dropper. Apply also 2 or 3 drops of onion juice to get relief from the earache problem.

Put hot garlic and onion pieces into a cotton cloth and then gently hold it against the infected ear. It will relieve you from the pain to a certain extent.

Make a solution of dry mango leaves powder with boiled water and put a few drops of it into your ear. It helps you to reduce the pain. In addition, putting 4 or 5 drops of the juice of holy basil leaves into the ear is also a beneficial treatment for this disorder.

Make a mixture of oils of tea tree, olive, chamomile and lavender and apply this on the outer side of the ear. This mixture can help you to get rid of ear infection.

Due to this hazard, you should avoid the salty or oily foods, milk, sweets and soft drinks. Rather eat fresh vegetables and fruits to get relief from this disease.