Ease Menstrual Cramps And Relieve Dysmenorrhoea With These Tips

Dysmenorrhoea is a very painful condition where the woman suffers from painful menstrual cramps that occur before her periods. This can disrupt the normal routine of the women affected.

Usually dysmenorrhoea or painful periods start when the menstrual cycles become ovulatory. When menstrual period starts for the first time in teenage girls, the cycles do not form and release ovum for the first few months. After 5-6 months, the process of ovulation starts and periods become painful due to contraction of uterus. There can be scanty or profuse bleeding associated with pains.

Here are some tips to ease these painful menstrual cramps and relieve dysmenorrhoea. Hot fomentation helps a lot. Keep a hot pad over your lower abdomen, it helps to reduce the pain. Taking a warm bath also helps. Pour warm water over lower abdomen while bathing.

Stomach troubles like nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea or constipation are sometimes associated with dysmenorrhoea. These symptoms aggravate the condition. Eating asafoetida and cumin seeds help to relieve dysmenorrhoea. Take lemon juice with honey every day in the morning. Drinking ginger tea every day also helps. Drink half cup of parsley juice. It is a very effective remedy for dysmenorrhoea.

Do not do any rigorous exercises 1-2 days before the expected date of periods. It can cause you more pain during menstruation. On the day of periods, restrict your exercise to walking. You can rest on this day. Rest will help to reduce the menstrual cramps and gives you a fresh feeling the next day. Giving rest to the body is the best you can do during these days. It will help reduce back pain to a great extent.

Beet root contains antioxidants and iron. It helps to reduce the pain before menses. Taking Vitamin E supplements regularly also helps to relieve dysmenorrhoea. One week before periods, restrict your salt consumption to minimum. It will help to prevent associated symptoms of nausea, vomiting and bloating. Papaya is also a very good fruit which helps in easing contraction of uterus and helps to have painless menstrual flow.

If the pain becomes intolerable, take a pain killer like Tylenol or acetaminophen and try to sleep. After waking up you will see that the pain has reduced and you will feel better.