5 Home Remedies For Sun Burn


5 Remedies For Sun Burn Sun burn is such an irritating pain that, the person who suffers from sun burn, will get severe rashes and the sun burnt area get heavy swelling. This is because the ultraviolet rays will burn the skin and cause severe pain. Thus, keep your beautiful skin safe by protecting it from sun, and it is a good practice to apply sunscreen, if you want to expose yourself to sun. Rather than sun rays in other seasons, the rays of the sun are quite sharp and harmful. Therefore, be aware of such harmful sun rays that will cause damage to your skin. Cover your body from light weighted dress, that should give you comfort to walk in hot sun light. Always put sunglasses to protect your under eye skin; wear full sleeves if it is too hot; else, take umbrella with you to protect yourself from hot sun. However, Sun burn is not that scary like before; there are many excellent home remedies that will help you to get rid of sun burn without consulting doctor.

Simple And Quick Home Remedies For Sun Burn

Lemon Peel

Lemon Peel For Sun Burn To cure sun burn is very ease with lemon. Take half part of the lemon, squeeze off all the juice from it; later, rub the sun burnt area with that empty lemon or lemon peel. As lemon is good to get good texture to the skin, rubbing with lemon peel or lemon skin on the dark area will help increase the skin texture and removes the sun burn.

Bioline White Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly For Sun Burn Bioline White Petroleum Jelly is a must-have, all-in-one kit which is good enough to cure minor burns, cuts, scrapes, rough hands, chapped skin and also it has ability to cure sun burns. If you have tried many medications or skin burn tubes or creams, you should not miss or forget to try or apply Bioline for quick and fast relief from sun burns.

Apply Smashed Banana

To cure sun burns, try applying banana as it works well to remove skin darkness. Half a banana is enough to lighten your skin- smash banana properly and apply the thick paste on the sun burn area. By applying this paste, you will not only get benefited with white skin, but also reduces itching and finally brings your skin to normal. Apply Smashed Banana For Sun Burn

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Ponds Moisturizing Cold Cream

It is very well-known that Ponds moisturizing cold cream helps to get soft moisturized skin. But another advantage of using ponds moisturizing cold cream is to get all essential skin nutrients that will get you healthy skin. Thus, applying ponds cold cream on the sun burn area, reduces itching, improves your skin texture and gifts you a healthy and moisturized beautiful skin that you wish to have. Cold Cream For Sun Burn

Turmeric And Sandalwood Paste

Sandalwood works well in curing the itching and pain, as it is cools the skin by giving you good relief. Whereas, applying turmeric paste will throw away the darkness of the skin and gives you fair skin. Hence, apply these combinations of turmeric and sandalwood paste to get rid of sun burns.

Turmeric And Sandalwood For Sun Burn

Remedies For Sun Burn