Easy Ways Of Popping Zits Without Leaving Scar

Whenever you see any zit on your face, you think about how ugly it makes you look. And it usually does. So getting rid of the zit is the most important thing that is lingering in your mind that day.

Get ready to know some effective methods to cure zits. Get rid of it in the minimum possible time by these methods.

Zits are small pimples that occasionally and suddenly come over your facial skin without any warning. Because of the sudden occurrence, you cannot even think of what can be done to prevent it or decrease its intensity.

These are fully formed eruptions with pus formed at the tip of it. If the zit is red and not fully formed, apply a small paste of gram flour and tomato juice just over the zit area. It will shrink the zit and prevent it.

One of the easy ways to remove it is to apply a paste of turmeric and lemon juice on it at night. Leave this paste overnight. In the morning, you will see that the pus has become hard and it has almost come out of the pore at the tip.

You can then remove this hard plug easily. You can use a small hair plucker for it. Turmeric is as dessicating agent and it helps to dry the pus and it also absorbs the inflammation and oedema around it and thus helps to shrink the zit.

If you want to get rid of zit quickly, then use the following method. It should be used for zits that are fully ripe. Take steam over the area of the zit. It will help to open the pore of the zit. Then apply hot fomentation with a cloth drenched in hot water. This will make the skin around the zit soft.

Then clean your hands and apply gentle pressure on the skin immediately surrounding the zit. The pus like material in the zit will pop out. When all the pus has come out, clean it with a cloth and apply an ice pack to the zit.

This will constrict the blood vessels and reduce inflammation and it will also help to close the pore of the zit. Then apply lemon juice immediately after this procedure. It helps to prevent scar formation.