Easy Ways To Prevent Cold And Cough

People continue to suffer from cold and cough in spite of advances in science. It is primarily a viral infection that results in cold and cough. Superadded bacterial infection can aggravate the symptoms.

Cold and cough also occurs due to allergy to environmental changes. It is the most common infection in winter season but many suffer from it during summer and other seasons as well. So it is important for us to know about prevention of this infection.

During winter, protect yourself by wearing warm clothes. This virus thrives well in cold weather. So incidence of cold, cough and fever increases in winter. Do not expose yourself directly to cold, winds during any season. Taking cold bath when you are perspiring due to heat can also result in cold and cough. When you wash your hair, dry them thoroughly and then step outside home. Wind blowing against wet hair makes you catch cold easily.

You have to take extra care when you feel that you are about to catch a cold. Slight rough sensation or pricking pain in tonsils can be an indication of beginning of viral fever with cold and cough. So you should not take cold foods or cold drinks during such periods. Instead you should drink warm water and hot vegetable or chicken soups. It helps to prevent full blown viral fever.

If anyone in your house hold has caught a cold. Then the affected person should be told to always use handkerchief over mouth while coughing and sneezing. Drinking glasses or coffee mugs should not be shared with one another during this period at all. Kissing should be strictly avoided till the person gets better.

Some people have diseases like chronic allergic rhinitis, asthma and deviated nasal septum which makes them more prone to cold and cough. In such cases treatment of the disease should be properly taken and any cause responsible for recurrent cold should be avoided. In such cases, regular exercises help to increase the resistance power of body and the chances of infection are decreased.

Yoga exercises and meditation help to de-stress us and they also help to strengthen our immune system. Every person prone to cold and cough should do regular breathing exercises. They help a lot to strengthen the respiratory system and prevent respiratory infections.