Easy Ways to Prevent Hemorrhoids

I believe in the saying that ‘Prevention is better than cure’. After a family member was diagnosed with Hemorrhoids I researched to find out how to prevent and cure this painful condition. I was amazed to know that a few steps can change your condition and prevent this disease completely.

As with any other medical condition your diet plays an important role in preventing the condition. Foods that are fiber rich are always a good start to the day. They ensure that you have regular bowel movements and this is one of the best preventive measures for hemorrhoids. Oats, vegetables, fruits and bran are fiber rich foods. You must avoid breads and pastas and other oily and fatty greasy foods. They are not good for your overall health either. The key is to eat all foods in moderation and increase the amount of fiber you consume if you have already been diagnosed with the condition. Fast foods may be easier to prepare or quicker to spot when you are driving but they cause long term damage to your body and have immediate negative results on your health.

You also need to drink plenty of fluids. I promote water as it is the healthiest fluid. All other fluids load you with sugars and caffeine and they do not promote your health in any way; thus it is best to drink atleast 2 liters of water daily. Aerated beverages must be avoided as they load you up with unnecessary gas and this can lead to bloating and flatulence. You must also avoid tea and coffee as well as energy drinks; they add caffeine to your body that causes dehydration. This in turn will lead to constipation. You can drink a few sports drinks in the week; they are loaded with electrodes that are beneficial to your body.

You also need to get plenty of exercise. This helps to promote bowel movements. You need not enroll in the gym or invest in a personal trainer. Walking or a few minutes daily will suffice. Walk to the grocery store instead of driving or walk around the mall and use the stairs instead of the escalator.

The most important thing is to attend to the call of nature. Nothing is more important than the signals that your body sends you when it needs to eliminate the waste. Most people state that they find themselves busy or in a situation where they are unable to go to the toilet when they feel the urge; this leads to constipation. When you get constipated you apply force or pressure to your body and this leads to hemorrhoids.