3 Easy Ways to Stop Under Arms Sweat

3 Ways to Stop Under Arms Sweat

There are several reasons why people sweat. While changes in temperature, stress and anxiety top the list there are other factors that contribute to sweating as well. Some people have extremely sensitive sweat glands and they produce large amounts of sweat. Sweating can be embarrassing as it leads to marks on your clothing and can hamper social interactions. There are a few ways in which you can control this.

Warm Bath

No matter what sex; you need to shave your under arms area. Hair under the arms causes one to sweat as well as leads to formation of odor and generation of heat. Getting rid of the hair reduces your chances of sweating by almost half. After you have taken care of the hair issue you need to address that fact that you are still prone to sweat. You must wash the area under your arms well when you bathe and don’t forget to wipe them dry. Water in the area can lead to bad odor. Use a good deodorant or perfume on the area. If you can get your hands on a product that contains aluminum chloride then you will benefit from it as it helps to control sweating.

After you have done this then you must dab talcum powder on the area. This will help to soak in the excess oils and sweat in the area and also control the production of sweat and eliminate odor.


Remember to drink plenty of water. This helps to prevent excess sweat production as water cools down your system. When your body gets over heated it releases sweat from the body as a means to cool down and prevent releasing water from the body in the form of sweat. In order to prevent this you must also bathe in cold water or tepid water than hot or warm water. You must bathe more than once a day if you are prone to sweating.

Keep your clothing light in order to prevent sweat from being released from your body. Avoid wearing synthetic fibers and darker colored clothes as they attract heat and pollution. You must also take care to avoid stress and anxiety if these are the conditions that lead to your breaking out in a sweat.

Drinking Water