Eating Disorder Treatment with Herbs

Eating disorder is one of the most devastating disorders of the recent years and studies indicate that the count of its victims is rising constantly, all over the world.
It is a condition that is marked by unusual eating practice that involves either inadequate or excessive intake of food. This disorder is extremely common among the young women and is also seen among the children as well.

Skipping meals or overeating when sad or depressed, excessive fasting, vigorous exercising, etc. are some of the signs of eating disorder. It is dangerous to leave eating disorder untreated. However, there are a number of herbal remedies that are effective in treating the ailment.

These herbal remedies successfully help to soothe the mind, improve self regard, and balance the mood as well as calming down thoughts – thereby providing a resonance stage for recovery.

With mind that has been soothed of thoughts, a reasonably healthy attitude lessens the load of pressured minds and thus supports a healthy sleeping guide and habitual need for food.

Herbal tea:
Herbal tea helps to reduce stress of the mind and body as well as helps to develop healthy mind and spirits. Herbal tea is extremely beneficial in easing muscles and calming nerves thereby treating the eating disorder.

Lemon Balm: This balm is made from the leaves of the lemon plant and is known for its capability of lessening stress and smoothing the progress of relaxation. This, in turn, helps to soothe the mind and supports sleeping patterns as well as in treating eating disorder.

Passion Flower: This flower is, in general, considered as a natural calming remedy and acts like a safe, relaxing, non-addictive general nerve tonic. This flower is capable of reducing the general stress of the mind, anxiety as well as improving uneasiness from a panicky and anxious stomach.

Lavender: Lavender is a well-known herb that is extremely popular throughout the globe that includes even the Arab countries, besides Europe, America and Africa. Lavender is known for its calming properties and supports the nervous system by facilitating relaxation and also acting as a sleeping aid and guide to the individuals.

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