Effect Of Smoking On Female Health

Today smoking has become increasingly popular among women. They are competing with men even in the arena of smoking. For today’s women smoking is a great status symbol. They don’t care about the ill- effects of smoking. Women begin smoking to appear cool but soon it becomes their habit. One of the most common reasons found in young women for smoking is to keep away from the hunger pangs. In order to keep themselves slim and trim the young ladies go on diet. When the hunger pangs strike, they smoke to control them. In this process they become addicted to smoking.

It has been found that smoking is more harmful to women than men. Tobacco smoke from cigarettes, cigars and pipes contains many chemicals which are injurious to the health. Tobacco causes about 1 in 3 deaths due to cancer. Smoking causes various life threatening cancers. It not only causes lung cancer but also increases the risk for cancers of mouth, kidney, pancreas, stomach and bladder.

Smoking increases the chances of heart problems. These heart problems are largely responsible for death in women by smoking. Women who smoke even after menopause have thin bones. These women have more chances of suffering from arthritis and cataract, an eye problem.  Women who smoke face problems in conceiving. Smoking during pregnancy is harmful for both mother and baby. It can result in abortion, premature delivery, still births or any in born disease in the infants.

Women usually begin smoking during young age. Today’s women have burden of high expectations to fulfill. They have to perform constantly on both professional as well as domestic front. They become psychologically dependent on smoking to get release from the stress and tension of life. But they fail to understand that smoking increases problems by giving anxiety, restlessness and many incurable diseases.

Getting rid of smoking is not difficult. Nature has already blessed women with a strong will power. They only need some motivation and zeal to leave smoking. There is no point in becoming a slave of smoking. It is a known fact that smoking cannot be stopped at once. A constant effort and positive frame of mind can help in becoming smoking free. The doctor’s prescription is recommended.