Effect Of Smoking On Human Health

We all are aware that health is our greatest asset. A good brain resides only in a good health and therefore maintaining a good health is very important for all of us. However, a number of human activities are spoiling our health directly or indirectly. Smoking is one of such activities. Smoking affects our health in many ways and lead to dreaded disease like lung cancer, mouth cancer, throat cancer, emphysema and a number of other heart diseases.

Smoking affects both, the person who smokes and the people around him. Diseases caused by smoking are the major contributors to death worldwide. A cigarette contains more than 4000 chemicals and a number of these chemicals are poisonous. Hence smoking is a true enemy of mankind which can destruct lives of people.

Cigarette contains a substance called nicotine and due to nicotine a man, who smokes, becomes addictive to smoking. Long term use of cigarette may lead to mouth, lip and throat cancer, which are more or less the synonyms of death. Moreover, smoking decreases the sense of taste from our tongue and sense of smell from our nose. Our breathing gives out smell of smoke the whole day. It can make our eyes watery and as a result they start blinking more frequently. Though, we smoke but we are always worried about the damage it can cause to our body and hence, smoking leads to anxiety. It also leads to gum disease and makes our teeth less strong. The person who smokes look older in age because smoking causes wrinkles in the skin and makes the skin dull.

Apart from above mentioned disease, smoking damages the arteries of our heart and in long term it blocks the arteries which leads to heart attack. In some cases this attack may lead to death. It also affects the male fertility by deforming the sperm and by decreasing the number of sperm secreted during an intercourse. A long term use of cigarette makes our immune system weak and our defense to bacterial attack weakens and this results in a number of diseases in our body. Hence smoking cause listless problems. The best way to avoid these problem is to stop smoking.