Effective acne prevention remedies

Acne is a common problem that is faced by most of the teenagers and youth. Acne is the result of hormonal imbalance of the skin and over energetic oil glands that are at the foundation of the hair follicles which are a cause of general hormonal change during teenage years. It is a very frustrating problem and can lead to low self-esteem. There are quite a few effective preventive remedies for dealing with the problem:

Diet: One must totally avoid chocolates, refined sugars, fried and fatty food and nuts in the diet recipe so as to avoid and prevent the formation of acne. Instead the diet must consist of fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables. Animal food including dairy products, tea, coffee, microwave foods, certain drugs, etc. must be very restricted in the daily diet of a person suffering from acne.

Intake of fresh green vegetables helps in relieving the constipation problem thereby removing the waste products of the body with the help of clear bowels and making the skin fresh and healthy.

Water: Water ranks as one of the best natural treatments for curing acne. Skin is the largest organ of the body while blood that supplies food and oxygen to the entire body is made up of eighty percent of water. When there is a deficiency of water, the blood thickens and slows down, thereby promoting an environment for the growth of acne on the skin. The water in the blood washes and bathes the internal body thus fighting off the ingredients that help in promoting acne free environment.

Wheat grass juice: This juice is good for solving the problems of the skin and treating acne, recover complexion and also help in removing the acne scars. The wheat grass juice is a natural source of antioxidants help in repairing the damaged cells, freshening up the aging skin and so on.

Neem: This herb is a powerful, antibacterial herb which is extremely helpful in curing the problems related to the development of acne. Many people use neem seed oil and neem products for effectively curing this problem. One has to crush neem leaves into a paste and apply the paste to the areas that are acne prone.

That mixture should be left alone until the area starts drying and then the mixture should be washed away. This remedy is very good in treating acne problems.

All these remedies if properly utilized and followed can help the skin in preventing acne on the face or in other parts of the body.