Effective asthma cure – an apple a day can help

Growing up with asthma is like growing up in a special environment as the individual suffering from the disease is not allowed to keep a fur-pet like puppies or kitten at home.

However, living with asthma is actually a chapter as to how to adapt to the burden which restricts a person’s breathing and their excellence towards life.

Present day researches have proven that apple a day helps in lessening the risk of asthma indications among both the adults and children. It is proving to be an effective asthma cure remedy.

It has also been established recently that intake of apples during pregnancy have a shielding effect on the growth of childhood asthma and wheezing. This is perhaps due to the defensive effects of the phytochemicals present in apples like the flavonoids and the polyphenols.

Another study published recently indicated that the children who drank apple juice from concentrate at least once in a day had lowered chances of suffering from the symptoms associated with asthma and wheezing than those who drank it only once a month.

Again, it is considered that this is also caused from the flavonoids and the phytochemicals that are there in the apples might help in the calming down of the irritation of the airways and in the lessening of the breathlessness and asthma. It was estimated that the children who drank apple juice regularly had lowered their chances of wheezing due to asthma by 47 percent over those children who consumed apple juice just once a month or even less.

Though consumption of apples or apple juice had no effect on the functions of the lungs of children, it is presumed that apple juice has a higher concentrate of antioxidants than the whole fruit itself. Studies have also pointed to the fact that the consumption of banana on a daily basis has a far great impact on the lowering of asthma and wheezing that the ones who consumed bananas on a monthly basis.

It has also been pointed out that intake of apple a day can also keep the attacks of allergic asthma at bay. Hence apples are extremely beneficial for the protection from asthmatic attacks.