5 Chinese Treatment For Shingles


5 Chinese Treatment For Shingles

Shingles, an infection of nerve area, is a condition characterized by painful blisters caused by virus- Varicella zoster. This virus is also responsible for causing Chicken pox. In the cure for chicken pox while most of the viral germs are killed, some remain inactive in their dormant stage and stay in the nervous systems of the body. When any kind of stimuli activates these dormant viral germs, they cause the symptoms of Singles.

While there are both conventional and preventive measures that can be used to eradicate Shingles, Chinese herbal treatment for Shingles provides the most effective means of treating the blisters. But before discussing the various Chinese treatments available for the treatment of Shingles, let us first understand the symptoms of Shingles for its identification and proper treatment.

Symptoms of Shingles

The symptoms of Shingles mainly express themselves in terms of blisters occurring in only one part of the body. These blisters are usually found in the exposed regions like the face, shoulders, neck etc.

Blisters Is Symptom Of Shingles

They can however be seen in other parts too. The symptoms of Singles are similar to that of Herpes and can be very painful. Typically, unlike Herpes, Singles occurs in individuals who have already suffered from Chicken pox in one stage or the other.

Chinese Treatment for Shingles

Treatment for Relieving Pain

Red Pepper For Shingles

One of the symptoms of Shingles is that the blisters are often accompanied with pain and itching. The Chinese treatment for pain relief uses a mixture of any unscented lotion and red pepper on the blisters. The paste is applied on the affected area for reducing pain and itching.

 Realgar Pastes

The primary component of Realgar is arsenic disulphide. While this component makes the substance a little dangerous to use, inflamed conditions of Shingles gets cured when a paste of realgar powder and vinegar is applied on the affected area. The paste needs to be applied at least three- five times in a day as per the intensity of symptoms.

Realgar Pastes For Shingles

 Herbal Teas and Soups

Herbal tea plays an important role in the Chinese treatment of ailments. A soothing tea made from Lemon balm has anti viral effects. This produces a calming effect on the affected area. Lemon balm has anti viral properties that can be mixed with oregano, mint, rosemary, sage and thyme to cool of the inflamed areas.

Soups created from Job’s tear also have an effective influence on the symptoms of Shingles. The soup has to be taken at least thrice daily.

Herbal Tea For Shingles

Over-the-Counter Options

One of the basic principles on which Chinese treatment of all ailments are based is to enhance the immune system of the body. In providing Chinese treatment for Shingles, nature based herbs are used to restore the body’s balance and also the body temperature to produce a cooling effect on the Blisters.

Herbs For Shingles

Yunnan’s White Medicine

Yunnan Baiyao or more popularly known as the White Medicine is considered as a miracle drug in Chinese treatment. The drug has numerous therapeutic values that also include reducing pain and irritation.

Yunnan’s White Medicine For Shingles