Effective Cough Remedies That Will Help To Cure Cough

People suffer from cough problems every now and then. Usually it is caused by the same virus which causes common cold. So frequency of getting cough and cold is very high. In some persons cough is present due to bronchitis, mild asthma and other such lung diseases. This is a chronic type of cough.

Here are some remedies which are easy to make and also very effective for cough. Cough is usually of two types, one that is dry and other that is associated with mucus expectoration. The dry cough is usually due to irritation in the throat like infection in throat, tonsillitis or due to post nasal drip in sinusitis.

Dry cough is also present in those suffering from asthma. Cough associated with expectoration is usually due to infection in the lungs. So it would be recommended to visit your physician if you have profuse mucus associated cough.

Dry cough can be easily treated with the following home remedies. Add 2 tsp of turmeric powder to a glass of warm milk and drink it every night. Taking small amount of hot drinks like chicken soup or even warm water several times throughout the day also helps to relieve congestion and inflammation of throat. Make herbal tea by adding ginger, some drops of lemon juice to black tea. Drink it without adding milk to it. It is very effective in cough.

Avoid any cold foods or cold drinks at all cost when you are suffering from cough. All your hard work trying to cure cough will go in vain if you do not heed this advice. Sucking a burnt cardamom for 1-2 hours is a very effective remedy for cough.

Also drinking warm concoction of basil leaves and 2-3 tsp of honey works wonders to cure cough. Add 2 cloves of cut garlic and some salt to water and warm it. Gargle with this water every morning and see your cough disappear.

Another important thing which you must remember is to laugh a lot. A full blown laughter which makes you hold your stomach helps to loosen the phlegm from lungs. It is the best exercise for muscles of respiration and for the lungs. So do not forget to laugh every day.