Effective Hearing Loss Treatment

Hearing loss commonly called hearing impairment is explained as the decrease in the ability of the ears to perceive and detect the sounds. This can take place either suddenly or through a slow process.

Loss of hearing can take place among individuals of any age group but it tends to affect more to the elderly people. Studies indicate that about one-third of the adults between the age group of 65 to 74 experience some kind of loss of hearing. This number rises to about 47 percent when the individuals cress the age limit of 75 years. Hearing loss is caused due to a number of reasons.

Physical injury to the ear, some types of illnesses like meningitis and measles, medications, genetic or inheritance, environmental noise, damage to the 8th cranial nerve also called vastibulocochular nerve and obstruction of ear canal etc are considered as the various causes of the loss of hearing. However there are a lot of ways to prevent and treat hearing loss.

Avoiding loud noise: The easiest way to prevent ourselves from getting into the trouble of hearing loss is by avoiding getting exposed to loud noises. If you are aware that you would soon get exposed to loud noises of machinery or any other types of loud noises, just wear hearing protectors or the ear plugs. It aids in preventing the damage that can be caused with the exposure to loud noises.

Ear Infection: Although ear infection is a widespread problem for the children that do not mean that the adults should remain careless about the infections that might take place in their own ears. The adults should always be aware of the pain caused from otitis media.

Regular flu shots as well as washing of the hands can help to prevent this as well as other infections. It is always best to consult a doctor if one gets affected by ear infection, as ignorance to such infections can lead to long term damage of the ear.

Cochlear implant surgery: This surgery is conducted on individuals suffering from severe hearing loss. It cannot restore the lost hearing but helps the individuals function more normally in everyday life.